Asfa! (!اسفة)

I haven’t managed to blog even once since the night of orientation, and I apologize. The trip has been exhausting (albeit amazing), so every time we get back to our room for the night, no matter how early it is, all I want to do is sleep.

Our visit to Oman was such a special experience, and I’m currently experiencing culture shock in Dubai (who would have thought, here, of all places?). I have so many things to say and I want to say them well, so it is best for me to wait rather than write something haphazardly solely to get it over with. What I plan to do is to write a summary of each day in each country, then a post reflecting on the whole visit to that country; the concluding piece would be a reflection on the whole trip.

I’ve been journaling and taking hundreds (literally so – before we landed in Dubai, I’d already taken over 600) photos. But posting these thoughts and images will most likely have to wait until after I return.

I don’t believe anyone was aching for me to post, but here’s an explanation for why it’s not happening too soon.


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