I wanted to start off this blog by writing about my trip abroad, and yet completely failed to do so. I should have known better, that I can’t just wake up and pour the pages of my notebook onto the web without effort. But as I wrote from my Dubai hotel room about how I would start writing as soon as I returned, I never imagined how delayed that task would become.

I returned on June 16th, exhausted, and spent the next few days catching up with family and friends, interviewing for an internship, then, eventually, interning at the International Rescue Committee in Baltimore. In between all of this, I had to process the (literally) 1,000+ photos I took, finishing only after many weeks.

Now, I am finally going through my notes and organizing my thoughts. If there was any interest in my blog before/during my trip, surely that has diminished, but it doesn’t really matter. First and foremost, I am writing for myself—I need to reflect on my travels and create a written record before my memories fade. But I also want to share these thoughts with my family—it was hard to keep them updated on everything I did, and it’s essentially impossible to verbally relay for them everything that happened. And, of course, because I was part of an IIE-sponsored program, I owe it to them to produce something assessing the project and providing my testimony for future applicants.

Therefore, I will follow through with my intent to blog. It’ll be a few days before the first posts make their way onto the site—in the meantime, visit my Flickr to see the photos from the trip, for I hope I brought back some images that can speak for themselves.


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